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Who Could Refuse Little Portugal?

As you prepare to sell your Little Portugal home there are a number of steps.  Not all apply to every piece of real estate. And not all will have the same impact on all properties.  But it’s still important that at each step along the way the home owner at least considers their position, understands it and decides how they with to move forward with the sale of the home or real estate.

Understanding is critical

In Little Portugal, these steps could include looking at the financing you have in place on your home. It could mean rearranging or even getting some furniture out of the house. It certainly means looking at the major systems of the house. This excecsise helps us to identify the parts of your home or property that we want to BRAG about.  Things that a buyer may not be expected to see but are considered very valuable when purchasing property or real estate.

An example could be insulation that has been added to the attic that will really impact the heating efficiency and make the home more economical to live in.  A buyer would not be expected to see such insulation before making an offer because home buyers rarely look in the attic before the inspection stage.   When we uncover such an asset we can use it as a tool to make the home more salable or sometimes even more expense.

Helping Little Portugal Home Owners Prepare

In researching your Little Portugal home we can also determine if there are any issues that should be addressed before going to market.  When we at Little Portugal Info, work for a home seller, it’s our job to make sure the seller is in the strongest position possible. To do that we need to assess your home and identify any areas of the home that may make a buyer hesitate about making a good offer.

Because so many homes in Little Portugal are older the systems need a special look.  Being an older community, many of the homes in Little Portugal  have enjoyed many updates as things evolved and the owners ability to afford improvements increases.  Sometimes things in a home just wear out. When that happens the home owner will replace them with the best and most affordable solution at the time.   As homes come up for sale,  these “new” systems may be recent or they may be once again approaching the end of their life expectancy.  Understanding the fluid nature of home ownership will help us position properly.

Some things need to be addressed.  Some simply need to be identified.


Pre-Inspections Save Money Post Offer

Knowing what the cost of a repair or update is, is critical to being in the right position at the bargaining table.

A great example of that is the hydro distribution box – or panel.  Originally these were fuse boxes. But over time,  the breaker was invented.  Breakers are much safer and easier than fuses.  Safer because they cannot be replaced  very easily.  Secondly, they work like a switch, so when  a circuit is overloaded they trip or turn off.  To restore power you simple turn it back on like a big light switch.

Fuses on the other hand can be easily changed and this can lead to a person accidently (or not) overloading a circuit.  This can increase the load on the wires in the house and create an unsafe situation.  When we do our pre-inspection, we will recommend whatever action we feel is warranted to put the seller in the best possible position.


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