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As the name suggests, the area known as Little Portugal is where immigrants from Portuguese heritage started moving in the late 50 and has morphed into Brazilians now since speak the same language.   Other larger of residents in the area are chinese, spanish and vietnamese.  Historically, the area was part of two different villages, Brockton and Beaconsfield, which we will blog about in later posts.

The real estate of Little Portugal is defined as College in the North, Ossington in the east, UP and Go train tracks in the south and Lansdowne in the west.

I realize the map below shows Dovercourt in the east but I like to think of the boundary at Ossington as further east is called Trinity Bellwood.

The area consist of mostly residential freehold properties with recent developments of condos.  Another trend for the area is properties being demolished and rebuilt into custom homes and bringing a new vibe to the area.

The main streets are littered with local businesses and has been an influx of gallery, quaint bars and restaurants.

You can find a list of businesses in the area by clicking here or Explore the area in the menu above.  The list is a work in progress and we are updating it as we go visit the different businesses and try their foods and products.

Local Schools:

  • Shirley Street Public School – junior elementary
  • Alexander Muir/Gladstone Avenue Public – junior and senior elementary
  • St.Helen’s Catholic School- Catholic elementary school
  • Ossington/Old Orchard Junior Public School


We hope you find this brief history entertaining.  What have we missed and what should we talk about?  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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