Seller Sanity Pack

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Are you a home owner that hasn’t sold a home before?

Are you a home owner that wasn’t able to sell their property even after prolonged exposure to the market?

Are you tired of having to show your home everyday with no offers?

Are you tired of promises being made and nothing being delivered?

The Seller Sanity Pack is just for you!

We have created a system that teaches you, the home owner, the ins and outs of how the home sale process works.  It all starts with a detailed meeting where we look over your property and see what could hinder the sale.  We also provide a healthy dose of reading materials for when you can’t fall a sleep at night and need something to do.

Our experts then take all the information they collected during their fact finding mission to your place and come up with a custom marketing plan and pricing strategy to review with you.  We even ask you to write why buyers should be purchasing your house.  After all, who knows the house better than the person that lives there.  We help with a dictionary in hand to add words like cozy, quaint and effervescent.

Our iSeller Package is sure to cure any headaches you’ve experienced in the past and we also call every Friday to give you an update about how well we did that week.



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