Little Portugal Home Evaluation

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Little Portugal Home/Property Evaluation Factors:

A home evaluation completed by a professional is known as a Comparative Market Analysis. In Little Portugal, there are several unique issues to consider, including the following factors (explained in more detail below the request form.):

  • Value of Nearby Properties of Similar Size
    A survey of what homes have recently sold for on your street and in your area is the largest factor in determining the basic value of your home.
  • Recent Trends
    If prices are on their way up or down, this can be another factor to determine the value – despite what recent similar properties are selling for.
  • Curb Appeal
    How you home looks from the street can increase or decrease the potential value.
  • Overall Condition of Property
    Is everything in your house in order? Will significant expense be required by tthe new owners within the first 3 years? Things like the roof, the furnace, any visible damage or flaws are among the most significant.
  • Unique Property Features
    Is there something about your property that sets it apart from others? It can be things as basic as a deck, or very high ceilings. It could be the kitchen or bathroom. If they are top notch – this will add value to your home.
  • When you plan to sell
    Results are highly influenced by the time of year the house is placed on the market, as well as the current demand and supply of properties. It is best to review this with a realtor who can demonstrate experience and sophistication about monthly market trends.


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