Little Portugal and the $10000 Solution

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Little Portugal and the $10,000 Solution

Our goal at little Portugal is to put Little Portugal homeowners and real estate sellers in the strongest position possible. When it’s time to sell your Little Portugal home, being prepared is the most critical part of all. Especially in the Toronto real estate market. Homes are selling so fast,  things can happen quickly.

Going to market too quickly could cost you thousands of dollars later. Our goal at little Portugal info  is to always make sure that you make as much real money when you sell your house as possible. The pre-inspection the stage of a listing process is critical to achieving that goal.  This is the time when we can systematically look at your home and property and make sure that the  real estate package we are putting together for the public is as complete as possible.



    Real estate buyers are moving quickly in today’s market. But  with property values as high as they are they are still very cautious. understanding any issues a  home buyer may find in your property beforehand allows us to plan  a solution to the problem.

    Toronto Real Estate Is Moving FAST

    There’s an old story that when ever a BUYER finds a problem it’s worth $ 10,000 –  Everything is a $10,000 problem to a buyer. In trying to leverage their position a buyers real estate agent will amplify problems to try and drive the price down. Our job is to protect you – the home seller from that happening.  We don’t want the buyers negotiating issues at the bargaining table. We want to know the value of any issues before we start.

    We use pre inspections to prepare to sell your home. By bringing in experts to look at the major systems of your home we can identify any potential problems a buyer may be concerned about.  We can then establish  a very reasonable cost if any for repairs.  It’s important to remember that you are selling a “used” house.  Probably the roof isn’t brand new, the windows are not brand new, the inside of the house probably isn’t completely brand new.   That only makes sense.  But oftentimes a buyers real estate agent will use wear and tear as a means of driving down the price.


    We use pre inspections to establish what wear-and-tear is acceptable and what  wear-and-tear may need some kind of remediation. By using professionals when necessary, we can establish very real costs for any necessary repairs. A home seller may choose to make those repairs. Or the home seller may choose to negotiate with the buyer when they sell the real estate.

    Give Us A Try

    Spending money in order to facilitate a sale can be avoided. But having a surprise negotiating tactic from a real estate buyer at the bargaining table can  lead to an unsatisfactory result. Being prepared is always better. At little Portugal info our goal is to always put the home seller in the strongest position to negotiate the most satisfactory and successful sale of their home.


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